The heartbeat of Safe Harbor is meeting women where they are in their need, helping them experience the great love that Christ has for them through His people, walking with them on their journey to a whole and productive life.

The beauty of this ministry is that we often have the opportunity to develop deep relationships with our guests, gaining the trust that is essential for us to have a credible voice in their troubled lives. Life change most effectively takes place in relationships like these.

Supporting Safe Harbor through your prayers, volunteer service, and financial donations makes these life-changing relationships and supportive programming possible. We offer our deep gratitude to those who partner with us in this exciting work, and we invite you to call or come by to find out more about the work of “anchoring lives to Christ.”

– Debbie Haynes, Founder/Program Director

Capital Campaign

Envision how different your days would look if you had no access to a vehicle. How would you get to work? Get your children home from after-school programs? Buy groceries or keep a doctor’s appointment?  By donating a car to Safe Harbor’s Hope on Wheels program you will receive a tax deduction and someone in our program will receive Hope (on wheels).

Contact Dawn for more information or to donate.

Planned gifts are the ultimate expression of confidence in the Safe Harbor Rescue Mission. Click on the photo above for more information about Planned Giving Options.

For more information or to let us know that you have remembered us in your estate plan, please call our Executive Director, Vicki Murray at 828-326-7233.

At ReSource, we’re passionate about creative reuse, which means we’re passionate about seeing new life given to discarded “junk.”

We’re interested in every aspect of creative reuse. ReSource is here to keep things out of the landfill, provide reclaimed materials at low costs, showcase upcycled art, and help you get creative.

Being a prayer partner is easy and anyone can do it. To register to be a Prayer Partner just email us here.
At the beginning of each month, you will receive a prayer calendar with one prayer request for every day of the month. Being a prayer partner is an amazing way to witness God’s hand on Safe Harbor as we unite through prayer and watch Him work.

June Prayer Calendar


       Safe Harbor offers our services to anyone with the capacity and willingness to fully and safely participate in our programs regardless of  race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin.  

Some of our programs are co-ed, and some are for women and children only.