Safe Harbor  Greenleaf II Transitional Housing Program

Purpose:  To provide temporary housing and faith-based programs for women and children in transition, with the goal of independent living in community with others.

Possible candidates:

  • Women who need temporary housing and programming in order to save money and work  toward stated transitional goals.

What participants may receive:

  • One-on-one personalized case management and goal setting with accountability
  • Assistance with obtaining all personal documentation and access to benefits such as food stamps, WIC, Work First, etc., medical care through the CFC clinic, and mental health care through CVBH
  • An array of classes and groups that address such issues as past sexual abuse, domestic violence, healthy relationship boundaries, parenting, and relapse prevention
  • Housing, utilities, and limited transportation while in the program
  • Job skills training through work service hours at ReSource Warehouse (if needed)
  • The opportunity to advance education and career goal
  • Financial management
  • Building strong, healthy relationships beyond Safe Harbor and referring agencies
  • Spiritual guidance, if desired.


  1. Must complete and submit application and be willing to abide by guidelines
  2. Must complete phone and personal interview process
  3. Have all appropriate ID
  4. Must go through screening process that may involve outside agencies or organizations
  5. Consent for background check (does not exclude felons, but reserve the right to make a decision on a case by case basis)
  6. Willing to submit to random drug/alcohol testing, apartment searches and abide by curfews
  7. We are a smoke free campus. No smoking permitted inside or outside the property
  8. Must be willing to work with other agencies and individuals (in cooperation with Safe Harbor) who will strive to provide a comprehensive team of support toward independence
  9. No health issues that require constant medical attention or assistance
  10. Have mental and physical ability to meet program criteria (home responsibilities, outside chores, classwork, work program at ReSource, etc.)
  11. Willing to maintain all mental health appointments, including therapy and comply with medication regime as determined by doctor (if applicable)
  12. Although there are no initial program fees for those who are not employed or receiving income, you must be willing to begin to pay program fees once a suitable arrangement can be made.  These fees are $250 per month plus $50 transportation fee. This includes housing, utilities, and limited transportation. This fee is NOT considered rent, and merely cover the cost of maintaining the apartments, providing transportation, and case management.  Suitable candidates must be employable or have a source of income, with a goal of increasing income to the point of having the ability to find permanent housing as soon as possible. $50 deposit due to move in after approval.
  13. Must be motivated and able to work/volunteer at ReSource Warehouse throughout the program, while seeking education or employment (if applicable)
  14. Must be willing to participate in appropriate classes and groups
  15. Absolutely no unauthorized guests on property at any time

Situations we cannot serve:

  • Persons with certain mental or emotional distress that have not remained stable with treatment for a continuous year prior to application.
  • Anyone with active substance abuse issues
  • Anyone with acute domestic violence concerns (we do not have a “secure” location and can’t guarantee safety)
  • Women who have a history of violent or threatening behavior
  • Women or  women with children who carry responsibility for friends or other family members
  • Women who need assistance with daily living (physical, medical, mobility, mental health)

Actions that will result in immediate exit from program:

  1. Substance/alcohol use
  2. Stealing
  3. Physical threat or action against staff, volunteer, resident, or other SH program participant.
  4. Unauthorized guests
  5. Smoking in or on the property

Housing is first offered on a 3-month probationary plan, although Safe Harbor is at liberty to terminate the agreement at any time there is a lack of compliance with a personalized plan.  After the 3-month review, housing is extended for increments of 3 months as long as all guidelines and goals are being consistently met. 

If it is determined that client is no longer working toward agreed upon goals, or that there are multiple incidences of not following guidelines as discussed with case manager, an exit plan will be discussed.


Once an exit has been determined, Safe Harbor is not responsible for arranging or providing transportation to assist a resident to move unless the move is part of the case management plan.

I have read and understand the guidelines listed above, and have chosen to participate fully within these expectations.

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