The Robert and JoAnne McKool Endowment for Safe Harbor

The primary purpose of an endowment is to build a reserve that will create financial stability for our organization. That stable source of funding is critically important during tough financial times so that fluctuations in donations don’t require cuts in programs, services, or staff. An endowment also sends a positive message to the community and to donors that we are a strong organization worthy of their investment. We have served the community well for over 12 years without relying on government or United Way funding, and we believe this endowment is proof of our long-term sustainability.

An endowment provides an opportunity for donors to make a gift that lives in perpetuity, changing the lives of people in future generations. A gift to the Robert & JoAnne McKool Endowment for Safe Harbor guarantees that your love and support of women and children on the brink of poverty, addiction recovery for men and women, and women at risk for human trafficking will go on forever.

If you have questions or for more information contact Vicki Murray, Executive Director at 828-326-7233 or