Stories of Hope

Safe Harbor is a Place to Start Over!

Each and every day, we hear how our mission has made a difference in the lives of many women in our community. The following testimonies are some of the positive things that our clients want to share with you about our mission. We are truly blessed to find that our mission is helping so many individuals to improve their lives and make an impact on their futures.

Clients from out New Day Center Share Their Experience...

“The New Day program has changed my life because of the fellowship and Bible study. I have grown and have been more in tune with my self because of the structure. I’ve learned how to deal with different situations in life. I feel I have a closer walk with Jesus. I can function better in life with the tools I have learned and I am very thankful!”

– L.S.

“My name is Belinda, I began my journey in July 2014. I felt I had disappointed God. I needed to come home to Hickory, NC and start over. When I got here, I had no where to live. One Saturday night, I slept on the street. Sunday morning, I felt God’s leading to go to the square in downtown Hickory. When I arrived, a ministry was there taking about Safe Harbor Rescue Mission.

When I came to Safe Harbor, Amy Marie began case management with me. That’s when the windows of mercy started opening up. Thank God for Safe Harbor, the New Day Center and the women there. They helped me realize that I still have a work for the Heavenly Father and that He is not finished with me yet! I now have my own apartment and the employees of Klingspor who heard about me through Safe Harbor helped me furnish it. Thanks be to God!”

– Belinda M.

“Safe Harbor is a very organized and Christian based ministry. The thing I like best about coming here is the learning of the Bible. Bible study is made to be a fun activity by Amy Marie. The knowledge of all the volunteers in settings we have are great. I live in a homeless shelter, but Monday-Friday I come here for the spiritual support and knowledge that we receive here at the day shelter. We cook for each other and go on field trips in which we continue to learn and grow in our spirituality. Thank you Safe Harbor for the spiritual and loving ladies here!”

– T.G.

“Today I thank God for allowing me to see another day I thank Him for my strength and my health although I may not be where I wanna be but I am not where I used to be and it was only through His grace and His mercy and His love for me that I am here today. This is why I continue. Thank you God!”

– L.W.

“Safe Harbor Rescue Mission has helped me abundantly with doctors, appointments, taking me to CVCC, money management and counseling. It is just an all around blessing. I am very thankful to have Safe Harbor Rescue Mission and it’s employees in my life.”

– D.S.

Read the Stories of a Few of Our Residents and Graduates...

Kelly excelled in HS until she began experimenting with drugs. Soon she found herself addicted and pregnant by the time she graduated.

Kelly married her “sweetheart” at the young age of 18. Sadly, the fairy tale marriage she dreamed of turned quickly into a nightmare filled with drugs, alcohol and domestic violence. When her marriage ended, she lost custody of her daughter and found herself homeless for 6 months.

Kelly’s marriage was over but her story wasn’t. God had a plan for Kelly. He directed her path to Safe Harbor Rescue Mission, where Kelly is working hard toward another graduation. A graduation that represents hope for the future. In 6 months Kelly will graduate from Safe Harbor’s “Whole Woman” program!

Kelly gave her testimony at Safe Harbor’s Lunch and Tour recently. Kelly said that “Since being at Safe harbor I’ve been closer to God, more than I ever knew was possible.” Kelly also related that she has learned how to set boundaries and how to choose “safe people” to surround herself with. Kelly’s face lit up when she said “God has restored relationships with my mother and daughter. Today, I have hope that I did not have before”.

“I started taking drugs when I was 12 years old, by 16 I was pregnant by a man who was 10 years older than me. I gave custody of my daughter to my sister, I lived in my car and eventually found myself in prison. That is where I first heard about Safe Harbor. Through Safe Harbor I have been able to live out God’s plan for my life. I am now involved in my daughter’s life, have a place of my own and work full time at Safe Harbor. I am also a full time student and will graduate soon with my degree in Peer support. My life is a miracle!”

– E.W., Safe Harbor Graduate and Employee



“Safe Harbor Rescue Mission gave me hope and unconditional love and helped me to regain my dignity, respect, and self-confidence. I must give God the glory, because without him I am nothing!”

– L.A. Safe Harbor Graduate 2014



“I just want to say how grateful I am to Safe Harbor. They saved my life and gave it meaning. I’ll forever be in your debt. THANK YOU!”

– K.R., Safe Harbor Graduate 2014

Read as Tenants of Our Greenleaf Program Share Their Stories...

“Thank you for a place I can grow and rebuild in. A roof, a garden, a community of women all sharing the same goal – to become strong, whole and healed in Christ, to serve Christ as He designed us as He intended. God bless you for allowing Jesus to work through you.”

– C.

“The Greenleaf program provided a safe place for me and my girls to live and I still have a support system as we transition into our new home.”

– A.W.