Safe Harbor Programs

New Day Program

New Day

New Day is a collection of classes, groups, and programs that are especially geared toward women and children of all walks of life.  We believe we learn best in community and from each other.

NOW:  New Opportunities for Women Program:

This program is focused on providing hope for and reduction of barriers to quality living for women and children. 

Hours:   M – F 8am to 3pm

Location:  210 2nd St SE, Hickory, lower level

Any woman in crisis can come during these hours to get assistance with getting ID, access to Food Assistance, application for housing, and connections to recovery resources.  For those wishing to go forward in the areas of Education/Employment, Housing Success, Recovery, or Emotional Wellness, there is a simple application process and a resource navigator to assist in the process.  We also have a certified SOAR counselor to assist individuals who are homeless with the disability application process.


THRIVE Recovery

Many families and individuals in our community find themselves barely surviving due to substance use disorders.  We believe that recovery is not only possible, but thriving recovery is possible!

Whole Woman Residential Program: 

Whole Woman is our capstone program for women seeking to go deeper than sobriety to real freedom and life change!  It is a one-year residential program where women gain necessary resources and counseling to heal from past wounds, and skills for life restoration.  It is a faith-infused, evidence-based program, and address all areas of a woman’s life.  Women applying for this program must be substance-free and be mentally and physically able to meet the program goals.

THRIVE Recovery Community:

Secrets keep you sick!  And recovery is far from being shameful.  THRIVE is an active, visible, celebratory community of families and individuals who are grateful for another day of life, and hopeful for a healthy and successful future.  An array of classes, groups, artistic expression opportunities, and sober living activities are available, along with immediate assistance with locating recovery resources.  Check out our events page on this website for more info. 

Greenleaf Program

Greenleaf Transitional Living Program:

Greenleaf provides low-cost, safe, clean, and fully furnished apartments for women and families looking for structure and assistance with preparing for successful independent living.  This program is for individual women, or women with three or less children who are mentally and physically able to meet program goals.  See more information on our